Monday, April 25, 2011

Amazing New Life... and Vacation!

Here are some recent photos shared with me by some amazing photographers. Enjoy! <3

Amazing photo by Jackie Boyd Photography.

 This is my sweet Trixie the bunny hat which was a huge hit this spring! She'll definitely be making a comeback next year!
Another fab photo by Jackie.
Turquoise Beanie with Chocolate Bow available in my Etsy shop.
Thanks again Jackie for sharing your talent with me!
OOAK Jester hat.
Thank you so much for sharing this amazing photo! I'm absolutely in love with this little guy in this hat! VNG Photography

I have put my Etsy shop on vacation mode and there is going to be tumbleweeds blowing through my facebook page for the next few weeks! I'm wrapping things up before heading off on family vacation at the end of this week. My husband and I made a "no computers or work" vow while we're spending time with our family! Of course I will still be creating lots and lots as I will have the kids strapped in car seats! :) So when I get back I'll have lots of new goodies to show and I'll be raring to go! <3 I hope everyone has an amazing week!

Love, Tri-Bec

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