Thursday, September 13, 2012

Bye Bye Summer

Summer is.... gone?
What happened?
It sure did fly by for us!  My boys had a great time going to summer camp, playing in the water, getting dirty, and just being boys.
I had a great time watching them and definitely enjoyed the warm weather and sunshine.  I actually think I had a tan this year for the first time in forever!

My husband and I went to Mexico at the end of July minus the kiddos and we had a wonderful time.  We ate way too much, relaxed, and just hung out the two of us.  We shared our trip with our good friends Cliff and Lori and I really enjoyed some adult conversation with those great folks.

So summer has faded away and I think I'm ready to get back into the swing of work!

In February I decided that I wanted to take a little time off because both of my boys have birthdays in March.  
Then I said oh, just a little longer because we're going on a family beach trip at the beginning of May.  Well, by the time we got back from that I though oh, things are slow during summer anyway, so maybe I should just relax this summer and not do too much creating.

I did!  I've enjoyed the break!
It's really easy to get burnt out on the constant blogging, facebooking, shipping, crocheting, e-mailing, etc.
Dont' get me wrong, I do love it, but at times it just gets a little tiring.
Of course, I was still doing orders and keeping up with my shop.  But other than that, I really did enjoy the summer with my family.

I also decided that running two shops (Etsy and Big Cartel) was too much and actually unnecessary.  So I decided a few days ago to shut down the Big Cartel shop and just stuck with Etsy.  I feel like it's adequate for my business and more self promoting then the independent shop.
Etsy isn't my first choice, but it's certainly the easiest and best option.

Another thing I did over the summer was get my work in a local photographer's studio!
This is super exciting for me!  My first month in her studio, I actually did really well with sales!
That's another thing I've been concentrating on.  I enjoy it because I can sort of make whatever I like and just take it down to her.  No shipping, no taking orders, no e-mails or computer work involved.  :) It gives me more freedom with my creativity which is always great.

Here are a few precious photos:

Photography by Carrie
Photography by Carrie

I just love these photos, these twins are so precious!

I'm out to go fix my hair and get some makeup on... the husband and I have a hot date tonight! ;)

Talk soon!

xoxo, Lisa