Friday, September 30, 2011

Fall is... sweet!

With October upon us, I'm officially in the fall mood! The weather is absolutely beautiful, the trees are looking amazing, and the air is crisp. I'm a happy girl! 

If you haven't noticed ;), the blog has had a makeover! I think I'm in love with it and the person who did it: Valerie over at Pixel Stix Graphics. She is awesome to work with and has a great style... keep her in mind if you're ever in need of any graphic design services!

So I have been really busy! I've been making a lot of these:

Here are some more new additions to my shop, which I've moved over to BigCartel in addition to Etsy. Both shops are definitely still fully active and open, so stop by either one and pay me a visit! :)

 Coming Soon!

 Coming Soon!

Petti Romper- available in 3 sizes and 19 colors!

All photography is from Photography by Jessica RiveraPhotography by CarrieErica Williams Photography, and Little chics pics by Lisa Rapp. Thanks ladies for sharing your beautiful work with me!

I hope that helps you get your awwwwwww's out for the weekend! :) I know every time I get a new photo of one of my products I get super excited... one of the many perks to my job!

Well everyone, I'm off to bed! Thanks so much for taking time to catch up with me... I'll be posting more soon since I have a fabulous new blog to look at! Something easier about keeping up with the blog when it's pretty. :)

Love, Tri-Bec

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hi there. :)

Guilty! It's been over a month since my last blog post! Among the excuses I have are these: it was my birthday, my oldest baby started pre-school (he's doing fabulously well), my husband has had issues with his heart health (eeeek... such a scare, but he's well now), and the list goes on. Is it all better if I share this?
And this?

Teehee! I knew you guys were suckers for cute babies! I'm sorry to my blog for neglecting it, but I've got a lot of new things in the works and I'm so excited for fall! See you soon. :)

Love, Tri-Bec

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