Monday, June 4, 2012

My Monday!

This morning was fun.
The boys woke me up a little before 7 (as usual), and we feasted on yogurt and bananas.
We took lots of pre-first-day-of-school pictures because my little guy, B, had his very first day of preschool today!

I can hardly believe he's already starting preschool!
I'm still holding out for his first haircut though. :)

Then I dropped the boys off and it was easy.  On them.
I proceeded to Lowe's where I walked around aimlessly for about an hour feeling kind of mopey.
Then hubs called and snapped me out of it.  
Told me they're getting big.
Need to socialize.
Gain independence.
All that crap.

Anyway... I picked up some caulk for that big shower project along with potting soil and a few new plants for my big planters (finally!).

I also had some bigger hibiscus trees I centered in each of my two planters and then surrounded them with the wave petunias.  I can't wait to watch them fill out and bloom!
Pictures to come soon!

When I picked them up, Mrs. Amazing Teacher said they both had a great day. 
She also texted me great photos of the boys painting, playing, and napping during the day to let me know they were doing great.
(She totally knew I was having a hard time letting that little guy go... she's cool like that.)
Modern technology is awesome!

They played together,
 painted together,
and napped hard.

Then we were off to big boy's first swimming ever (lots of firsts today!).
It was fun!
He got in the water up to his calves and decided that was enough for him.
Being the mama I am, I told him he didn't have to and we could try again tomorrow.
I'm thinking it's more of a timidness around new people because he adores the water and loves swimming.
His swimming teacher is very warm and fuzzy 
so I have high hopes.

I came home to some giant turkey vultures eating a dead fish out of my pond.
Yuck-o... but I couldn't stop looking. 
They really are huge and look like turkeys.
And yes, they do circle above whatever they're about to eat!

Tomorrow I'm going to attempt caulking the shower.
Then it's off to lunch with a sweet girlfriend of mine and another swimming lesson for T!

xoxo, Lisa

Sunday, June 3, 2012


It's been business as usual here at Tri-Bec Creations.
But... I have a whole new experience coming my way this summer.
Both of my babies are going to be going to "summer camp" at their preschool.
Okay, so it's only 3 days a week for about 6 hours, but I've never been away from them!
I've always been a stay at home mama and they've been with me pretty much 24/7 since they were born.  Maybe once a week or every other week do my husband and I go out for a few hours in the evening on our date night.
Other than that, they're all mine!

So, what do to with myself now that they're both going to be off learning and having a blast at preschool and sweet hubby is at work?
Well first of all, I'll probably have a small break down.  
I'm an attached mama. 
After I pull myself together, I thought of a bunch of things I could do!

There's always SO much to be done around our house, so I figured I'd get started.
With that, I decided to write a little blog post about what I hope to accomplish this summer with my precious 18 hours a week of freedom.

Mostly things related to fixing up our home, like (hold on to your bonnets girls) caulking our shower and painting trim.  
But also some fun stuff like trying my hand at decorating sugar cookies and organizing all of my crafting supplies.

So here's my list:

For the Home

1. Caulk the shower in our master bath.
2. Buy and hang new window treatments in our master bedroom.
3.  Organize and clean out our closet (oy).
4. Re-coat the borders of the mirrors in our master bath.
5.  Spray paint the curtain rods, shelf, and drawer hardware in our master bath.
6.  Paint and distress the coffee table and side table in our formal living room.
7. Clean out/organize the pantry including a list of foods we have on hand.
8. Make a list of recipes that I can rotate in and out of our weekly menu.
9.  Deep clean all kitchen cabinets.
10. Paint dining room furniture.
11. Paint wicker furniture and dining set on screened in porch.
12. Organize boy's baby boxes.
14.  Get photos in baby books.
15. Clean out toys and donate old ones.
16. Get our garage totally cleaned out.
17.  Trim, trim, trim that hellacious front flower bed.  I hate it.  I most truly, truly do.
18.  Clean and organize our garage downstairs.

For Me & For Fun

1. Practice decorating sugar cookies with royal icing.
2. Get out my sewing machine and just start sewing!
3. Plan a really fun and fabulous patriotic party.  Maybe even have one. :)
4.  Organize all of my craft supplies so I don't buy even more.
5.  Read a few books.
6. Try yoga or another fitness class.
7.  Grab a coffee and relax at the bookstore.
8. Go grocery shopping without screaming or begging for candy.
9. Have lunch with a girlfriend or two.
10.  Do some crocheting for fun and relaxation.
11.  Meet up with my hubby for lunch.
12.  Design a few new sweet little baby hats and send them to my favorite photogs.

These are the things I have in mind for my newfound free time this summer.  Of course, my main goal for summer is to spend time with my boys and husband.  Watching them grow, learn, and play.  
They're truly two amazing little guys and I can't imagine life without them!

We also love cooking here at home and hitting up our local farmer's market for fresh produce when it's in season.  I'm definitely looking forward to a summer filled with fun and sun!

I'm also going to be working on my photography skills by trying to take before and after photos of all of my projects!  I'm definitely very excited about slinging some paint around here and seeing what old things I can make new again.  I'll be in touch, blog world!

xoxo, Lisa