Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Busy Week!

There's been lots going on around the Tri-Bec house this week!  
Little Tri turned 3 this past week and we had lots of fun bringing special treats to preschool. We also hosted a birthday party for him and little Bec who will be 2 next week!
I know... how crazy am I? 
They're right at a year apart!

They're amazing, inspiring, and I totally adore my sweet little guys.
Precious party invitation by Lil' Sprout Greetings.
I adore them for many reasons.  One, they totally customize your invite, colors and all.
Two, they have a wide variety of invitations to suit your needs, including twin/joint parties.
Three, they're completely adorable!
Fast turnaround time, friendly service, and the list goes on!

Aside from that, I have some adorable baby love to share, as usual!

Mint Chocolate Owl- Coming Soon!

The hat only can be found here.

How's that for super precious?!
Thank you all for stopping by today!

xoxo, Lisa

Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy Friday!

I thought I'd kick off the weekend with a few somethings that are totally adorable.

One of a kind Baby Chick Hat

Because what's more precious then a new baby? Two new babies, obviously.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.  I know the weather has been a little crazy lately, but I'm definitely welcoming the warmer weather and blooming flowers with open arms!  

We have an abundance of daffodils right now and they are just lighting up my world!
They always remind me of when I brought my babies home from the hospital (they were both born in March).  I'd sit in my rocking chair holding them and look out the window at the first colorful flowers of spring.  Very sweet memories for me. :)

xoxo, Lisa