Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Deep Sunset

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Here is some more beautiful handspun yarn dyed by Autumnrose.  Originally named flame, I decided to call it deep sunset because the deep purple reminded me of the sky as it fades from day to night and the rust orange and yellow are the sun sinking into night. I wasn't totally crazy about this yarn until after I made the hats up and photographed them. It turned out lovely.

 Jester, earflap with tassels, and chin strap with pom.

More to come soon! Check back!

Monday, December 20, 2010


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These are some cute little hats I whipped up for twin boys that are joining our world in January. I think they turned out just adorable and so did their future great aunt... so she requested matching diaper covers! I'm having the wonderful Cynthia over at Etsy's Autumnrose spin me up some more of this wonderful blue and brown boy yarn to make the diaper covers. Here are the cutie pie hats!

They are made of marshmallowy soft 100% Merino wool and they are 100% boy. I'll post the diaper covers as soon as I get the yarn and get them made up... hopefully in the next two weeks! Check out my shop, I've removed all the Christmas things and am starting to make the shift towards Valentine's Day and spring time! I know we are still in the season so I wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Friday, December 17, 2010

A few more OOAK and plans for Valentine's Day and Spring!

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So lately, my closet has been totally over run with yarn! I've think I have every color under the sun in there and then some! Anyway, as I always mention, I'm totally in love with handspun yarn. So I told myself I have to crochet my yarn up and get it listed on Etsy before I can buy any more. I really need to convert that corner of the basement into an office and yarn storage facility before I have to find another place to store my clothes! Anyway, I'm on the road! Here a skein of yarn I crocheted up last night from Autumnrose on Etsy. It's called Goldfish and I think it turned out great:

 I was able to get three little hats out of the 110 yard skein.
 The earflap.
 The chinstrap.
The jester.

I have lots more to come soon. Custom orders have slowed down a little bit I think because it's getting so close to Christmas and people are busy with that (totally understandable!).  So with that little break I hope to get some of my handspun yarn worked up and a few new creations made for my shop for spring.  I have listed a little lamb in my shop and I'm also looking at doing a little chick and bunny for Easter.  I have made a few beautiful pink hats from handspun yarn that will be wonderful for Valentine's Day that I'm going to get photographed very soon and listed shortly after Christmas. I hope everyone has a great weekend! Much love! 

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Busy week!

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Another week has flown by and here we are... I've been busy with a few custom orders and creating lots of new things out of my handspun yarn.  I've also been busy around my house preparing for the holidays. It's just a busy time of year for everyone I think. I always think I'm going to do things more simply, which would be nice, but it always somehow ends up busy. Anyway, here are some lovely hats I made out of handspun yarn from one of my favorite spinners, Cynthia from Etsy's Autumnrose. You can take a look at her lovely shop here. This yarn was appropriately named Rowdy after Cynthia's bird and it sure was fun to crochet up! I got three adorable little hats out of that skein of yarn:
 I think they turned out awesome! An earflap hat, a chinstrap hat, and a Jester hat with poms. I was thinking it's hard to find fun things for little boys, but there's not a stitch of pink or purple to be found in these lovelies, so they would be a really fun alternative to the regular blue, cream, and brown photography props and newborn gifts for little guys.
 The earflap.
 The chinstrap. These are fairly new and pretty trendy in the world of photography props. The chinstrap is just attached to the hat on both sides but is pretty stretchy so it'll go right on those brand new babes without any problems and makes for a fun change up to the regular old beanie.
Always a fun favorite, the Jester hat!

Of course I've been up to a lot more then just these lately, but between the kids and everything else I've had just about zero time to photograph them and get them on the internet! I'm hoping to get a few new creations made to get into my shop soon. I also have a pile of OOAK handspun yarn calling my name! It really is my favorite to work with! I hope everyone can find a bit of relaxation in the hustle and bustle of this season. Visit back soon!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Custom Fun!

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Quick post, I need to get some sleep! Here are a few of the custom orders I've been working on this week:
 This is just darling! I actually made one for this lady a few weeks ago for her 10 month old baby, and her 3 year old daughter liked it so much she asked me to make her another one just the same!
These are for twin girls! The mama saw my butterfly hats and liked the style but wanted softer colors with a little heart for each girl. Of course I love custom work so I was happy to do it!

Hopefully I will have a few days to make some new creations to put in my shop... I'll be updating soon! Have a great week everyone!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Busy Week Later...

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Wow this past week has been total madness! Getting finished with Thanksgiving and gearing up for Christmas, I just can't believe how the time flies... I had to say forget it to a bunch of my Christmas decorations (they got shoved back up in the attic) and just get the tree and a few special pieces up. Maybe next year... lol! It's all about back to basics right? That's what I'm telling myself anyway. But with a 21 month old and a 9 month old what's the point? It just gets broken or torn down shortly after I put it up... if I even get that far! Anyway I've been busy doing a lot of family stuff and a custom order that turned out just darling if I do say so myself! Here are a few photos of some of the hats I did (the other ones are still having finishing touches put on them).

 Henry the Hippo- made for a newborn baby boy... how cute!
 Butterfly hats for a girly 2 year old and 8 year old.
How fun and adorable! Definitely one of my favorite custom orders to date.

Of course I couldn't leave my handspun yarn alone for too long either, so I grabbed this gorgeous vibrant teal and coral color combo and worked up a little newborn beanie the other night.
Beautiful soft and squishy 100% Merino wool handspun and dyed.

It's off to bed! I'll be updating again soon with more new creations, but in the meantime, please pop over to my Etsy shop and check out all the new sweetness! 

Monday, November 29, 2010

Fun New OOAK Items!

Here are some things I've been working on today, I just love them! Now listed in my Etsy shop: http://www.tribeccreations.etsy.com.

 Hat and cocoon set for a newborn baby. Adorable!
This was crocheted on a large hook for larger spaces between the yarn. This is great for little fingers and toes to stick through in those newborn photos.
 This is like a seascape color scheme with the gold, cream, pale green, and blues.
 This is an earthy toned beanie for a sweet little boy.
I love love love the colors on this one: orange, brown, avocado green, and deep blue.
It's like the candy shop!  Very girly and very fun for a newborn princess.
Bright and light pink, vibrant purple, and golden yellow make a fun colorway for this little newborn hat. 

I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving! I know I did... it's always wonderful to spend time with my husband and boys. My life has been blessed and is filled with love because of them for sure! Check back again soon, I'll be posting lots of new creations often. I recently went on a yarn shopping spree, so there is going to be lots to post!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving! New hat on Etsy!

I received a new yarn yesterday from one of my favorite handspinners, Autumnrose on Etsy, and she was so kind to send me a sample of one of her recent new projects.  It was this lovely purple and green which reminded me of a garden in the spring.  Of course since it was a sample, I didn't have enough to do an entire hat, but I did have enough to make this creation:
 New to the shop!
 Handspun yarn trim in lilac and garden green.
 Pom on the top of the hat of the same handspun yarn.
Awesome packaging with tissue paper and coordinating sparkly tulle.

The yarn for the main body of the hat is a lovely green color and coordinated perfectly with the handspun yarn.  The great thing about this hat is that it's not OOAK and can be reproduced! Of course it won't be exactly the same because of the handmade nature of the handspun trim and pom, but it will be similar and can be made in any size. I just love the bit of spring color!  It can  be found in my shop: http://www.etsy.com/listing/62807504/garden-beanie-with-pom-photography-prop .  Happy Thanksgiving everybody... and if you're braving Black Friday, good luck!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Custom Order

I have a very exciting custom order coming up that I just had to blog about! I made a custom zebra hat a while back for a 2 year old girl, and she and her mother just adored it. So for Christmas she wants several more little animal hats as gifts. Butterfly, duck, hippo, and bat! How fun they're going to be to make! I'm excited about this order and chance to expand my shop on Etsy, which can be found here: http://www.tribeccreations.etsy.com .  I'm going to be working these up over the next few days and I'll post them on here as I go. I'm excited to see what I come up with! Here are some of the little zebras I've done, cuties!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hello New Friend, Goodbye Old Friend

Today I said goodbye to an old friend:
 And hello to a new one:

I'm really excited about the beautiful photos this bad boy takes! I guess the only thing left is to name it.... let me know if you have any suggestions!  I've also been busy this afternoon making a few new OOAK hats out of more handspun yarn (beautiful photos provided my new camera). I just wanted to share photos of them here:

Available on Etsy! http://www.tribeccreations.etsy.com . Check my shop out!

Here goes!

This is my very first blog post, so I'll start at the beginning. My name is Lisa and I have a new shop on Etsy: http://www.tribeccreations.etsy.com .  I make hand crocheted items, mostly for little ones. It's a creative outlet in my chaotic world! I have two little boys, 20 months and 8 months, so I have my hands full with them constantly. As if I needed something else to do, I took up crocheting late this summer and haven't put my hooks down since!  Even though I have plenty to do, I always have the need to do something more creative than housework to keep on my mind.  So I'm a stay at home mom. I have a degree in surgical technology and I'm a certified surgical technologist for going on five years now (wow, how time flies!). I enjoyed that as a day job... definitely never a dull moment in that field but, alas, it was time to move on. When Chris and I got married and started our family we decided I was going to stay at home with the kids, so here I am.  I'm highly organized and meticulous about my work. I love sweets, shopping, sunshine, and good food.  I enjoy the company of my husband and kids. I'm just a small town girl... you know the rest! :-)

Creatively, my most favorite material to work with is handspun yarn. I absolutely fell in love with it and when I realized the uniqueness of each skein.  I love the process it goes through to reach my hands and then how I use my own vision to create something one of a kind. OOAK! In my Etsy shop, I have a OOAK section of items that I have created from handspun yarn that are all truly one of a kind! I usually make newborn sized hats from this yarn.  It all has a wonderful texture and color variation.  It could never come from a store or be dyed in a factory.  I also enjoy working with the store bought yarns and creating unique items that can be reproduced in different sizes and color combos.

Here are a few of my creations out of handspun yarn that I really enjoyed making. 

A thick and thin handspun yarn in bright rainbow colors with a bit of sheen.
A thinner handspun yarn in rainbow colors.
A bulky thick and thin handspun yarn called "baroque" because of the beautiful golds, ambers, lilacs, and deep eggplant purples used to dye this beautiful 100% Merino wool yarn.
A girly and fun thick and thin art yarn with pale and bright pinks and pale and bright golds.

"Autumn Flowers"- a beautiful handspun in light orange, pale sage, and golden colors piled with gold thread.
One of my favorites! A newborn jester hat with poms made from this fluffy 100% Merino wool thick and thin yarn called "Faded Foliage".  Beautiful fall colors and a great photography prop for that vintage look.

Not too bad for my first blog entry! I'll be blogging often and updating my page with new items I'm putting in my Etsy shop. Thanks for stopping by!