Friday, December 17, 2010

A few more OOAK and plans for Valentine's Day and Spring!

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So lately, my closet has been totally over run with yarn! I've think I have every color under the sun in there and then some! Anyway, as I always mention, I'm totally in love with handspun yarn. So I told myself I have to crochet my yarn up and get it listed on Etsy before I can buy any more. I really need to convert that corner of the basement into an office and yarn storage facility before I have to find another place to store my clothes! Anyway, I'm on the road! Here a skein of yarn I crocheted up last night from Autumnrose on Etsy. It's called Goldfish and I think it turned out great:

 I was able to get three little hats out of the 110 yard skein.
 The earflap.
 The chinstrap.
The jester.

I have lots more to come soon. Custom orders have slowed down a little bit I think because it's getting so close to Christmas and people are busy with that (totally understandable!).  So with that little break I hope to get some of my handspun yarn worked up and a few new creations made for my shop for spring.  I have listed a little lamb in my shop and I'm also looking at doing a little chick and bunny for Easter.  I have made a few beautiful pink hats from handspun yarn that will be wonderful for Valentine's Day that I'm going to get photographed very soon and listed shortly after Christmas. I hope everyone has a great weekend! Much love! 

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