Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Busy Week!

There's been lots going on around the Tri-Bec house this week!  
Little Tri turned 3 this past week and we had lots of fun bringing special treats to preschool. We also hosted a birthday party for him and little Bec who will be 2 next week!
I know... how crazy am I? 
They're right at a year apart!

They're amazing, inspiring, and I totally adore my sweet little guys.
Precious party invitation by Lil' Sprout Greetings.
I adore them for many reasons.  One, they totally customize your invite, colors and all.
Two, they have a wide variety of invitations to suit your needs, including twin/joint parties.
Three, they're completely adorable!
Fast turnaround time, friendly service, and the list goes on!

Aside from that, I have some adorable baby love to share, as usual!

Mint Chocolate Owl- Coming Soon!

The hat only can be found here.

How's that for super precious?!
Thank you all for stopping by today!

xoxo, Lisa

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