Sunday, November 4, 2012


I've noticed everyone on Facebook has been posting each day of the month of November what they're thankful for.

I decided to write a bit on what I'm thankful for here on my blog since I'm not that great at keeping up with a facebook post each day. Time just seems to get away!
Most of these things are what I thank God for every night in my prayers.

+I'm thankful for my family.
+I'm thankful for my home.
+I'm thankful for the health of my family.
+I'm thankful for my husband's job that allows me to stay home full time with my children.
+I'm thankful God has made me a mother.
+I'm thankful for the baby growing in my belly.
+I'm thankful for Chris.  He's the best friend, husband, father, and everything.  

Chris and I got married shortly after I turned 22.  We met, fell in love, and about 5 weeks later we were married!  It was a whirlwind, but 5 years and 3 kids later I'm just as in love with him as ever.  I remember having my birthday that year and people telling me to make wish.
So here I am, working at a full time job in a busy operating room, college degree and all, and I have nothing figured out.  It was like everyone was always asking what was next for me and I wasn't sure.  I had sort of resolved to start traveling soon and thought that would be my next move.  I didn't have anything holding me to where I was.

So that year for my birthday I didn't really make a wish.  I said a little prayer and sort of told God that whatever He had in store for me was in His hands.  I knew it would be something great, but didn't have any earthly idea where I was headed.  I had pondered getting a more advanced degree as well, but nothing was really clicking yet.  

So I just "Let go and let God".

A few weeks later we were at a co-workers birthday party where we started talking and the rest is history.  Just a few days later we both knew.  This was definitely what God had planned for us.  Even more evident in our beautiful children, I know my life is here with Chris and them. 

I'm so thankful for keeping my heart and mind open.  
It's highly unlikely I would've thought this is where my life was leading.
I've been blessed beyond measure!

 My babies and me on a wagon ride to the pumpkin patch.
My little guy had sunscreen in his eye. :(
 "Carving" pumpkins.  We used the fun sticker faces from the $1 bin at Target which they loved!
 TT saw the older kids actually carving pumpkins, so daddy helped in get in on the action.
My sweeties all dressed up for their party at preschool on Halloween!
T was a bat and B was a spider. 
After many, many, many mind changes they settled on these and were very happy.  I was also happy because I got them at a good price, they were easy on/off, and there was no face paint involved.  Also super cute and boyish!

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