Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Well... It's Wednesday...

BUT! I have a lot of cool things to share, so it's not too bad, right? It's snowing here, but not the fun, fluffy, make-a-snowman-snow... just kind of yucky and slushy.

First thing: I'm participating in several giveaways with photographers and other vendors. I think my blog viewing is limited, but any extra exposure always helps! So I'm going to list them with their info here. Here's how they all basically work (although, do see each individual contest for the exact rules).

       1. Leila Ellice Photography {everlasting imprints} is hosting a fabulous birthday bash and 1000 fan giveaway. Check out her facebook page here and her blog here for complete rules and details of all the amazing vendors! Thank you Leila Ellice Photography!

2. The Wardrobe Resource is hosting an amazing MOMS giveaway! There are 4 vendors including myself giving away some great prizes. Check out their facebook page here for more information.

3. Passion Photography by Leslie. This one isn't live yet, but it's coming very soon! Head over to her facebook page to keep informed!

4. Kristan Knippel Photography. This one isn't live yet either, but coming! Head over to her facebook page to keep informed of the contest to come!

So as you can see I've been busy! In each of these contests you will have a chance to win an item from me as well as tons of other fabulous vendors! These are all great for photographers and moms as well. Head on over to the Tri-Bec Creations facebook page, like it, and head over to all the fabulous giveaway pages above and tell them Tri-Bec sent you! Good luck!

Okay, so besides that I've been doing a LOT of creating! Tons of packages have been going out, which is great! Here are some more fabulous professional photos from the very talented Jessica Rivera. Check out her facebook page as well! <3

Happy Wednesday!

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